Your most powerful, client-attracting lead magnet.

If you’re ready to grow your email list bigger (and faster) than ever with one lead magnet, everyone loves to click, share, and talk about; then it’s time to build a quiz.

Hi, I'm Linda 

Quizzes: Your most powerful, client-attracting lead magnet.

If you’re ready to grow your email list bigger (and faster) than ever with one lead magnet, everyone loves to click, share, and talk about; then it’s time to build a quiz.

Why Quizzes

✓ Quizzes are “shareable” and are more likely to go viral than other lead magnets. The average quiz is shared 1900 times! 

✓ Quizzes segment your audience and allow you to communicate more strategically by targeting your offers to the right buyers.

✓ They drive conversion.


(And this is just to name a few 😉)

But what quiz type do people love the most?

A personality quiz!


Personalized marketing is the NEW marketing strategy allowing you to drive stronger relationships—one customer at a time.

What would your business look like if you suddenly had hundreds of new (and engaged) email subscribers? 


Find out when you build a Personality Quiz as a lead magnet.

Creating a quiz IS for you if:

→ You want an automated system that helps you bring in new leads, nurture them, and convert them while you save hours of your time and make money working on other parts of your business.

→ A power to have a clear vision that'll allow you to focus your energy and follow through on the risks you've been eager to take. 

→ The potential to finally find your DREAM clients allowing you to speak directly to them.

Cause here's the thing, you've been doing this long enough that you're finally ready to not only distance yourself from your competition but design a more personalized approach to reaching new leads. 

Quiz Funnels with Linda Sidhu
Quiz Funnels with Linda Sidhu

Ready to attract new subscribers than ever before with the lead magnet that everyone loves? 

Hello, I’m Linda Sidhu, a list-building expert who helps entrepreneurs create irresistible personality quizzes that bring in new subscribers on autopilot. 

As a former pharmaceutical sales representative, I’ve had extensive training in personality types. I’ve taken the same methods that worked for selling products face-to-face and turned them into a framework for creating successful personality quizzes for online business owners. 

Besides creating quizzes that convert views to leads at 70% and crafting personalized marketing for my customers, I help online business owners learn how to take full advantage of email marketing. 

Quiz Funnels with Linda Sidhu

Check out what happened to Dr. Ashly Locklin when she put my quiz quadrant framework and strategies into place:

"Linda is a marketing genius! She saw the vision for the course I was creating long before it was even finished. I provided her with a brief overview of the course I was creating and the students I wanted to serve. She took my ideas and created the perfect quiz to attract my ideal students. With her quiz, I was able to generate $20K in course sales in my first month and reach my dream clients!

- Dr. Ashly Locklin

This is how we can work together:

The Quiz Lab ($3900)


A 12-week premium group coaching experience that'll unlock a big, engaged email list and propel your business forward (all on automation.)

Learn my exact strategy on how to write a personality quiz that'll grow your email list and help you understand your customers' buying decisions so that you can personalize your marketing strategies in your business.


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Quiz Funnels with Linda Sidhu
Quiz Funnels with Linda Sidhu

Quiz VIP Day- $997 


If you're ready to harness the power of email marketing and create a lead magnet that your leads go gaga over—but you're not sure where to start or what the right approach is—then this hour and a half session is what you need.

During our Zoom 90-min zoom call we'll discuss:

✓How to create the right quiz—the first time

✓The exact path to take leads on in a nurture series (without this your quiz is a bust!)

✓Sending your new leads to an irresistible offer that'll provide passive (and massive) income. 

✓How to promote and launch your quiz based on your unique personality. 

After our session is over, you’ll be feeling more supported—and confident—than ever, knowing your quiz funnel will be converting your new leads into paying customers.


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The Done-For-You Personality Quiz Package 

(Book a call for pricing options)

A done-for-you quiz that creates an evergreen funnel system that'll help you turn new leads into clients. 

With the done-for-you personality quiz package, you don't have to lift a virtual finger—me and my team do all copywriting and hand you everything once it's done.  


With this package you'll get:

✓ 90-min zoom call to capture your personality, stories, and voice to create the perfect quiz for your business.  

✓All you need to do is kick your feet up at the spa (and get that pedicure you've meant to schedule) while I let my creative juices flow writing your complete personality quiz funnel (topic, title, questions, and four results pages) 

✓5-part welcome series that coaches your readers to trust you (yep, I write all the emails you need to funnel your new leads into your sales vortex)

✓Promotional email that'll drive people to take your quiz once it's ready. Bonus that you can use this content for your social media posts too.

✓10 ways to promote your quiz follow-up document so you can make the most out of your quiz promotion.

✓Facebook ad copy so you can start turning cold leads into buyers


And the best part:  

✓ You’re going to finally have your most powerful, client-attracting lead magnet ever without stressing over what to write in just 30 days!

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Quiz Funnels with Linda Sidhu

Want to nail your quiz idea and start attracting new subscribers faster than ever before?!

(because you can’t expect to double your income if you don’t have a larger audience excited to become your customers!)

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