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Personalized marketing is the NEW marketing strategy allowing you to drive stronger relationships—one customer at a time.

The Quiz Lab is my 12-week premium group experience to help you write a personality quiz that grows your email list and enables you to understand your customers' buying decisions (with the help of a quiz and personality expert.) 

If there's one thing I know, it's quizzes. I've spent hundreds of hours helping and teaching entrepreneurs just like you how to grow a profitable business with a personality quiz at its core. 


Entrepreneurs who:

→ See the power of email marketing and are done playing in the little leagues. They're ready to stop polling their Instagram audience and calling it a "marketing plan" and go all-in on their business' number one asset once and for all.


→ Have put in the work in the trenches, gaining valuable industry knowledge, who are ready to scale through high-end programs and digital education but have no audience to launch them too.


→ Spend all day obsessing over how to grow their email lists fast by pitching podcasts, speaking at online summits, and asking their peers to share their latest lead magnet (only to have four new emails pop up on their list each week.)


The Quiz Lab is where the complex parts are done for you, the fun parts are done with you, and you FINALLY have a lead magnet that works FOR YOU.