Learn the secrets to a powerful nurture series that'll teach you how to write, send and watch the dollars roll in!

Nurture to Net with Linda Sidhu

My automated system will save you hours of your time and help you make money, all while you work on other parts of your business.


Your ideal clients are opting-in to email lists every day with a credit card in hand, eager to find solutions to solve their problems. 


Are they choosing to opt-in with you?


If so, do you have a system in place that allows new subscribers to roll in on a regular basis that feel welcomed and hungry to do business with you?

I created a nurture series for each funnel and saw my sales increase across the board

“Having a solid nurture series transformed my business! I was running an online business for years without ever having a nurture series. New leads would get one email from me, and that was it. Linda advised me to create a nurture series to nurture new leads and turn them into loyal, long-term customers. She was right! With her framework, I created a nurture series for each funnel and saw my sales increase across the board.”

Ashly Locklin
Business Coach

Have you waited FOUR years too long to implement one of the most efficient systems for your business because the thought of writing a nurture series is too overwhelming?

Here's where you can choose your own adventure:


You can binge-watch the Queen's Gambit on Netflix (even though you've never played chess) or implement a nurture series that'll start impacting your bottom line? 


If you vote to "do the darn thing" and capitalize on those leads that are coming in HOT…then it’s time to carve out some time and turn your new leads into loyal customers


***In just one afternoon, you’ll go from feeling stressed about what to say to your audience to emailing your new subscribers with ease. (Even if you’re starting with ZERO people on your list! ***

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Look what Brittany Herzberg, massage therapist and course creator, texted me after she watched my workshop:


You might be questioning,

“What the heck is a Nurture Series anyway?” 

Customers want to connect personally, and the best way to start a lasting relationship with a person is to welcome them in with open arms. In other words, when you get a new subscriber to your email list, you’ll want to send them a series of emails that will not only validate them but introduce you so you can start building a relationship immediately. 

When you send a nurture series to your new lead you’ll:

<<< Validate your new subscriber 

<<< Build your relationship

<<< Serve your audience 

<<< Offer next steps on how to work with you. 



And if you don’t believe me, here are a few stats about why you NEED to have a Nurture Series running on autopilot:

Jenna Kutcher (Goal Diggers Podcast) quoted a stat in a recent podcast that when a person “opens your welcome email they are 40% more likely to open your emails over the next 180 days.”

According to Wordstream, a nurture series is incredibly effective, on average, 320% more revenue is attributed to them on a per email basis than other promotional emails. 

Marketing Sherpa states the average open rate for your nurture series is 50%, which makes them 85% more effective than a standard newsletter.


What will I learn from the Nurture to Net mini-course?


<<<< The strategy behind a compelling nurture series- BONUS workshop >>>>

In less than 38 minutes, you’ll learn my step-by-step framework that makes writing a nurture series easy. Once you spend time creating the initial series, you’ll only have to check on it periodically to monitor and optimize. When you put this strategy into place, you’ll have an intimate automated system warming up your audience once they arrive into your inner-circle. 


<<<< My 5-part Quiz Nurture Series point-by-point breakdown >>>

You’ll receive a live example of a 5-part quiz nurture series (17 page PDF document) with a point-by-point breakdown, detailed emails that explain “what” each email should say, when to send each email to the new lead, and what to include in the P.S. (PDF format style so you can read it and print it off if need be.) 


<<<< Nurture Series Roadmap >>>>

Gain trust from your subscribers without stressing over “what to say” with my 13 page PDF nurture series roadmap where I’ll outline every single email, its purpose, and offer an example of what that would look like in real life. You’ll learn how to validate your new leads, build your relationship, and ask for the business ALL on automation. 


<<<< A step-by-step tutorial on how to set up your nurture series >>>>

Using a sophisticated yet easy to implement tagging system, you’ll be sure that your new leads will go through your welcome series before being included in your weekly newsletters or promotional emails. 

Once complete, your customers are appropriately greeted and begin to connect with you and your business immediately after joining your community.


<<<< 35 Email Prompts >>>>

You won’t run out of ideas or get stuck not knowing what to write with these 35 prompts that’ll keep your stories flowing and help you find inspiration for your next emails.


<<<< 50 plus eye-catching subject lines >>>>

Swipe these attention-grabbing subject lines and incorporate my favorite tips that'll immediately increase your open rates (and your bank account.)

<<< Sounds amazing, let’s do this! >>>