Helena Bowen's personality-based quiz funnel has done more for her speaker coaching business than she could have imagined!

“My first program launch after working with Linda brought in $95,000!”


Wondering if a quiz just “makes sense” for your fun, fast-paced brand?

You’re not the only one. That’s exactly what drove professional speaking coach & speechwriter Helena Bowen to create a personality quiz for her business!


“I thought it would be a fun lead magnet that would bring in a lot of people—and it has!”

After living the not-so-glamorous-after-all Hollywood lifestyle of a film producer (and working on some of my favorite shows like HBO’s Game of Thrones), she realized her future lay elsewhere. 


Helena’s next career opportunity was a TEDx organizer!


Her massive side hustle quickly grew into her own blossoming business of speechwriting & communication strategizing. 

Now she helps TEDx, keynote, & other public speakers prepare the best speeches they can give.

Speechwriter & speaking coach, Helena Bowen, hired Linda Sidhu to create a personality quiz for her biz

With a successful speechwriting & coaching business in full swing, Helena was searching for a way to deliver even more to her clients.


She’d heard of quizzes (and was already an avid BuzzFeed personality quiz taker), but she had NO clue where to start!

“I’d spent a million hours of my own life doing silly BuzzFeed quizzes & sending them to my friends. So… I just thought it would be something really fun & exciting for my audience to engage with.

Helena wanted to build on what she was already doing intuitively: getting to know her clients & using that information to create powerful, aligned speeches. 


She had that ^^ locked down!


But she was LOST when it came to actually making a quiz funnel.


Which is why she went looking for a quiz creator! ↓

Enter: me—Linda Sidhu, Personality Expert & Quiz Creator

Personality Expert & Quiz Creator, Linda Sidhu

Helena was really looking for that personality angle in her quiz.


She wanted to get to know her audience on a personal level because…


Helena doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach for her clients.


She customizes everything from sales calls to speech strategy. Which made her a dream quiz creation client for me!


Helena & I are both fast-action-takers, which means that I could do what I’ve done best since my days in pharmaceutical sales: work quickly & efficiently. 


And that’s exactly what Helena was looking for!


Helena wanted a quiz that would capture quality leads who were interested in giving a speech or TEDx talk.

“What attracted me to Linda’s process to begin with… there’s an obvious fun side to taking a quiz, but it’s very functional, practical, & data-driven as well.” 

Once all the pieces were in place…

→ the quiz

→ the questions

→ the results pages

…Helena was off to the races with her personality quiz: What’s Your Speaking Superpower?


I expected it to be a high-performing lead magnet for her. But—


When we launched her quiz, we never expected to discover… 

DiSC personality quizzes not only help you attract new leads, they also better inform your business offerings

50% of quiz takers were the polar opposite personality profile of Helena!


Helena is task-oriented & quick-paced. But her audience was clocking in as heart-centered & slower-paced.

As I often say, being slower-paced is not a bad thing!


It indicates a more thoughtful decision-maker & is a helpful piece of data when we’re analyzing the buying behavior of our audience.


Personality types are also important for offer types, sales pages, & website copy!

“It’s about recognizing different people have different styles & personalities. That’s been helpful for me on sales calls & in the program delivery.” 

Certain personality types really need to see testimonials & case studies. 


In the online business world, people who are really interested in networking typically want group coaching programs.  


With the data we were seeing from Helena’s quiz results, we were able to adjust by adding more client testimonials to her program sales page.


Potential buyers want to see that your product or process helped other people succeed.


Fast-paced personalities gravitate toward the done-for-you products & 1:1 offers. 


They land on your pages, scroll a little bit, look for all the “quick” credibility markers (i.e., FAQ's, testimonials, stats, & other data to back up claims), & boom—they’re ready to buy!

As these quiz results were rolling in, Helena asked me how she could better serve this DiSC personality type she did not relate to.


After our discussion, Helena started offering additional follow-ups in the form of 

→ Hot Seats & 

→ Sales Calls


This was a key decision! One that made her launch way more successful (& kept her 1:1 client roster booked out as well).


The Hot Seats & Sales Calls enabled these heart-centered & thoughtful buyers → to get the extra time they desperately needed to build trust & have confidence in their decision.


They were able to 

  • see what it was like to work with Helena
  • spend time connecting with her &
  • feel empowered about joining her program
  • (or working with her 1-on-1)
Speechwriter & Speaker Coach, Helena Bowen, used the power of her DiSC personality quiz to help her make changes to her signature program!

As the saying goes, the more you know about your audience, the more you can personalize your offers & client experience.


The slight shift in launch strategy yielded some incredible results for Helena.


They included:

→ a $95,000 program launch

→ adding 1,000+ email list subscribers (since the quiz launched)

→ and even some private speechwriting client work

This $95,000 launch was HUGE for Helena! 🎉🎉🎉


Helena not only adjusted her launch strategy, she also made modifications to the speaking program she was launching—because of the data she got from her audience taking her quiz.

“Understanding who was taking the quiz & showing interest in the program made me really think of how I was delivering that program.”

Once you start working with the DiSC personality profiles, like Helena, you know:

  • How to attract the right clients
  • How to sell out your offers
  • How to better serve your clients with the right offers
  • How to launch your offers based on your personality strengths & communicate with your clients more effectively

Helena took what she learned from her personality quiz & used that to transform her marketing & client experience. 


She has been able to use her highest-performing lead magnet (the quiz) to:

→ more quickly identify personality types (even without a quiz result to guide her)

→ more confidently navigate sales & coaching calls with her private clients

teach her students to lean into their speaking strengths (& not try to be Tony Robbins)

Helena Bowen used her personality quiz to help her more confidently navigate sales & coaching calls with her private speaker coaching clients

“It’s helped alleviate some of my anxieties as an entrepreneur. Mainly just because I expect people to act and behave as I do. And they don’t.”

Helena actually got SO busy after the launch of her quiz that her client list is now waitlisted. 👀 


THAT is the power of an optimized personality quiz funnel!