Ready to blow up your email list and your open, click-through, and conversion rates?
It’s possible inside… 

A step-by-step, 12-week program that guides you (with cutting-edge proprietary AI micro apps) through creating a PERSONALITY QUIZ that builds an engaged email list fast — and drives buyers to your offers.
for Course Creators, Coaches, Copywriters, and Online Service Providers 
with Linda Sidhu, Quiz Creation Expert

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"My quiz launch generated 500 new email subscribers in the first two weeks, with a conversion rate of 76% from quiz page view to email opt-in."

I couldn't imagine working with anyone else to bring this quiz to life.

Linda's level of expertise and understanding of quizzes, not just from a lead generation standpoint, but her background and deep understanding of personality types, plus how many quizzes she's successfully built for herself and others, is unparalleled."


—Ellen Yin, Founder & Podcast Host of Cubicle to CEO

It’s no secret that quizzes are fun, irresistible and the hottest lead magnet around… 

… But the TYPE of quiz you create is crucial to your success.


When you create a PERSONALITY quiz, you’re setting yourself up to grow your email list fast with engaged subscribers who feel TRULY understood. 

And because a quiz is all about segmenting your list from the beginning, you’re able to personally connect with each subscriber—taking them from browser to buyer quicker than I guzzle vanilla lattes.

"My quiz is my best-performing lead magnet"

"I grew it to 5,000+ within 4 months"

"My quiz converted leads who never bought before"

Is this your brain right now?

“Oh ya, I want to create a personality quiz
but I don’t know where to start!”

“Oh ya, I want to create a personality quiz but I don’t know where to start!”

I get it.

You're right where you need to be if you're ...

Curious about a quiz

 Wondering if your niche is suitable for a personality quiz 

(does it truly work for *everyone*?)

Have too many ideas

 Feeling as overwhelmed by your quiz ideas as Netflix’s latest recommendations for ya

(and wondering how you can possibly pick one show idea??) 

Intimidated by funnels

→ Daunted by the time, energy, and complexity of managing all the moving parts of a quiz funnel by yourself 

(when it’s already exhausting thinking about making dinner tonight for the family)

Still figuring out your offers

→ Worried that your messaging or offers aren’t crystal clear enough to convert your leads after you bring ‘em in 


Building your first lead magnet

→ New to list-building, starting from scratch, and wanting everything you create to be *perfect* 

(this time, it’s gotta be done right)

Here’s what I want you to know:

Setting up your quiz funnel can be SO simple—when you learn to lean into your strengths, clarify your niche and understand *exactly* where to channel your energy.

That’s why I created a simplified, step-by-step, fast-paced and focused container for you to make it happen (no matter where you’re at)—The Quiz Lab!

Being an entrepreneur means you have to figure out a LOT all by yourself… 

And trust me when I say, setting up your quiz funnel shouldn’t be one of the times that you go it alone.

Inside my signature, proven 12-week program to help you get your quiz funnel off the ground…

I’ll be your strategic partner — alongside a crew of driven entrepreneurs — to help you nail your topic, ask the right questions, get the research done right and truly set it up for success.

Let’s skip Google and do this together!
Let’s do this!

"It’s no surprise that my first program launch after working with Linda brought in $95,000!"

I've grown my list by 800 people since I launched my quiz. 

But even better-I have a whole new way of understanding who my clients are, how to sell to them, and how to serve them. Sales calls are easier than ever because I know how to adapt my style to theirs. It's no surprise that my first program launch after working with Linda brought in $95,000!” 


—Helena Bowen, Speaker Coach & Speechwriter

Ooops, gettin’ ahead of myself here — have we crossed digital paths (or bumped into each other in Seattle) before?

Hey there! I’m Linda Sidhu—list-building and quiz funnel expert, creator of the Quiz-to-Cash Bash, extroverted empath, ex-pharma sales rep and HUGE advocate for leaning into your strengths and personality to build solid connections and reach your community.

Over the years, I’ve helped countless entrepreneurs create irresistible personality quizzes that have attracted hundreds of new subscribers on autopilot… And it’s all thanks to my training on DiSC personality types (didn’t think pharma sales reps knew all about ‘em, did ya?) to help craft hyper-customized quizzes.


Personally, quizzes mean so much more to me than just a fancy lead magnet.

I’ve been through it all…  

checking ConvertKit and watching my email list numbers inch up by single digits.

...spending thousands on courses from all the household names.

wasting hours on Instagram every day creating stories, researching hashtags, and commenting on other people’s posts to try and drum up business.

...paying for Kajabi, Canva, Zapier, Honeybook, Zoom...hell; I even got the beauty-vlogger-recommended ring light that was more expensive than my monthly grocery bill.

feeling like the walking dead when I’d send out an email to my list (and watching more people unsubscribe versus viewing my new offer).

...frustrated when my cart closes, knowing I LOST money (not to mention dozens and dozens of dedicated work hours).  


(Any of these sound eerily familiar to you??)

And even though I’ve failed a *lot*, quizzes were the turning point in my business when everything started going RIGHT.
  • I took the time to research my audience thoughtfully and thoroughly. 

  • I leaned into my strengths to understand exactly how I could best serve my people through my quiz… And after they joined my list.

  • I focused on asking the right questions (in the most fun way) and actually *enjoyed* playing around with data.

As a result…

I quickly understood that you simply CANNOT fail when you take this time and space to set things up RIGHT — because you end up serving your audience what they need… Not what you think they want! 

Years later after being consistently recommended and referred to (+ helping clients build irresistible quizzes—many of whom have grown their email lists by the thousands and have had six-figure course launches)... 

I packaged my easy-peasy quiz process all up to create The Quiz Lab, a focused container to help online business owners learn how to implement and leverage the power of customized quizzes.


You know you can help more people—you just need a proven way to break through the noise, and get in front of them.

I say… Why not get ACTUAL results—and have *fun* in the process?

Inside The Quiz Lab, that’s exactly what we’ll do!

Welcome to…

A 12-week premium group experience where I hand you a step-by-step plan to create a personality quiz that quickly grows your email list, enables you to understand your customers' buying decisions, and allows you to easily sell your offers.

I've spent hundreds of hours helping and teaching coaches, course creators, coaches, and online entrepreneurs just like you how to grow a profitable business (and have a deep understanding of your buyers' psyche) with a personality quiz at its core.

This was created for entrepreneurs who:

Understand the power of email marketing and are done wasting hours every month on social media.

→Want to stop polling their Instagram audience and calling it a "marketing plan" and go all-in on their business' number one asset — their email list — once and for all.

→Have put in the work in the trenches and are experts ready to scale through high-end programs and digital education, and now just need the *right* audience to offer their digital products and services to.

Spend all day obsessing over how to grow their email lists fast by pitching podcasts, speaking at online summits, and asking their peers to share their latest lead magnet — only to have four new emails pop up on their list each week.

The Quiz Lab is where you create an intentional lead magnet that works FOR YOU.


And the best part?


→ You'll complete your profitable quiz funnel from end to end in just 12 weeks while I hold your hand during the whole process!

Here’s *exactly* what’s included in this hands-on, intimate program: 



Uncover the steps and strategies on how to use quizzes to attract the right leads, sell out your offers, and better serve your clients (all on autopilot!)



The group will kick off meeting each other and, of course, better understand our personality strengths. I’ll also lay the groundwork you need so you have everything you'll need to thrive. 

We’ll also make sure you're clear on your brand identity and uncover questions that tap into your audience's emotions (← this process reveals the juiciest customer language that helps you write an effective quiz).

Plus you’ll gain access to a private members-only FB and Voxer community for ongoing support, personalized feedback, and all your quiz funnel questions.



Get ready to dive into creating a personality quiz. First, I'll walk you through my Quiz Quadrant Personality Framework, so you have a simple process for writing your personality quiz. Using the framework will give you everything you need to map out your results strategy and segment your list based on personalities (the key to eventually converting your new leads to customers). You’ll also get:

Quiz Quadrant Personality Descriptions so you can understand the different personalities in your audience and write your emails strategically (which is how you get those "you're reading my mind" replies).



I’ll hand over the exact template I use when I work with 1:1 clients.

Then all you have to do is take all of the copy tips you learn, tweak it to your audience, and BOOM! You’ll have four fully functioning personality result pages curated to make your new leads feel seen and heard the moment they first meet you. 

Plus, you'll get the chance to have your initial result page meticulously refined by our quiz lab copywriters, who will enhance your content and infuse it with a captivating dose of personality.




Quiz Quadrant Questions + Answers. You'll get all my insider knowledge on how to create quiz questions that your audience thinks are super fun to answer— while also teaching you how to segment your audience at the same time.

This segmentation helps you acquire an invaluable new way of understanding who your clients are, how to sell to them, and how to serve them.



I can't just leave you hanging after your money-making quiz is set up. Now that you have leads coming it hot, it's time to build up some trust and prep them for your irresistible offer.

You'll get:

  •  My 5-Part Personality Quiz Welcome Series with a point-by-point breakdown that guides you on how to write emails that turn your newest reader into your newest customer. This welcome series is where the magic happens because with this automated series you’ll nurture your new subscribers and transform them into clients.




(aka Build.That.Funnel.)

It’s time to celebrate—you have a solid strategy in place, your quiz is done, and your welcome series is written. Now, it’s time to move it from a Google Doc to a beautifully branded quiz experience that’ll integrate seamlessly with the backend of your business.

You’ll get:

★ Two different tutorials for building your quiz on the platform of your choice (Interact and You’ll learn all the tech you need to build your quiz and customize all your elements into a fully functioning, branded quiz.

★ A welcome series tutorial on setting up your email form, segmentation tags, and automated welcome series.

After the tech tutorials, you’ll have confidence in your quiz foundation, so when a new lead submits their information into your Interact quiz, it’ll go straight into your email marketing system and roll out on automation.



Once your quiz is complete, it’s just like anything else in your business; you’ve got to promote it.

You’ll discover 10 easy ways to promote your quiz (and personal insight on how to use your personality strengths) so that the promotional phase feels more like inviting your friends to a party than a marketing campaign!



One HUGE advantage of a personality quiz is that you can use it as a lead magnet to grow your list. Plus, it’s also a tool for you to communicate better with your leads (and thus—increase your sales). 

In this lesson, you’ll uncover how to gather and analyze quiz data from inside your quiz platform so you can customize the emails you send to your list. 

In other words, you’ll gain a whole new way of understanding who's attracted to your offer, how to serve them, and how to adapt your personality style to theirs so you can best support their needs.


ALL NEW: Revolutionary AI-Powered Microapps

Unleash the power of groundbreaking AI-driven microapps, poised to transform quiz creation into a breeze. Gain exclusive access to six dynamic micro apps, enabling you to effortlessly craft captivating quiz titles, mesmerizing results pages, engaging quiz questions, captivating welcome series emails, and persuasive promotional emails. 

Bid farewell to uncertainty and embrace the era of effortless quiz creation!

(Please note: These apps are powered by cutting-edge proprietary technology developed by OpenAI and do not make any of its research available to the public.)

BONUS: The Post-Quiz Breakdown

Once we've worked together to create:

★ Your personality quiz based on the 4 Ps Personality Framework
★ A custom-curated results page that targets each personality directly
★ Your Personality Quiz Welcome Series to warm up your audience so fast, they'll be asking how to work with you before the sequence is finished



You’ll have a chance to submit your quiz for a final review/audit. Because nothing makes you feel more confident than an expert stamp of approval.

to get you to the finish line...

Built-In Implementation Weeks

I’ve carved out three weeks of dedicated time to work together and focus on making your personality quiz dreams a reality. You'll also have the invaluable opportunity to engage in lively discussions, seek guidance, and brainstorm ideas with your fellow peers!

Guest Expert Workshops

Amazing guest experts like Marisa Corcoran, Zafira Rajan, Helena Bowen, and Brenna McGowan share tips and strategies on varied topics to enhance your quiz funnel experience.

An **exclusive** ticket to my private MixerMind event


On Dec. 15th (valued at $297)—a virtual event where you can cozy up with a pool of curated and ambitious entrepreneurs, book top-rated podcasts, and recommend your services! 🎤

During our time together, we'll delve into the secrets of expanding your presence in front of the perfect audience, ensuring you find your rightful spotlight. You'll gain invaluable insights from seasoned visibility experts and past Quiz Lab participants, enriching your understanding of this dynamic process.

Connection, community, and strategy? Win-win!


  • I’ll give you my quiz strategy, copy coaching, best practices, and every plug & play template you’ll need to write your quiz results, questions, and answers. 

  • Then we’ll have a professional copywriter check out your main results page and polish it up so you feel confident in the final draft of your quiz.

  • To top it off, you’ll also gain access to my 5-part welcome series (+ edits on yours) to help sell your offer.

  •  Access to 6 revolutionary AI-powered micro Apps. Use these dynamic tools for crafting quiz titles, results pages, welcome series, and more. Say goodbye to uncertainty – create quizzes effortlessly!

    (Note: These apps are powered by cutting-edge proprietary technology developed by OpenAI and do not make any of its research available to the public.)


Once you do this, you’ll be 100% ready to build your list, fill up your funnel, and start selling on automation!


 "The Quiz Lab was an exceptional experience.

And my quiz is converting at 71.4%!"

I'll admit, I was excited about the possibility of adding a quiz as a lead magnet to my business but had reservations because of the niche I'm in. I loved that all those reservations disappeared after a call with Linda. She took the time and helped me map out my idea leaving no questions unanswered. The Quiz Lab was an exceptional experience with a well-thought-out plan. Linda went above and beyond and was the key to helping me create my quiz.  

My quiz is now converting at 71.4% (!!) and in my opinion, is doing fabulous! 

I’m really going to keep promoting it in the next several months. Thanks, Linda, for creating an amazing experience!


—Leah Bryant, Podcast Manager

Ready to be one of the 25 people who creates a quiz this fall that builds an engaged email list fast—and drives buyers to your offers?

Let's do it!










Only 25 Seats Available

"I've been averaging 600-700 leads a month with my new quiz. That's over 20 leads a day. Consistently."

When I joined the Quiz Lab, my company was going through a pivot, and I wanted to create a quiz for the top of my funnel to really focus on gratitude. I had already seen decent results with a previous quiz I created with Linda, but it was no longer serving my niche. So Linda helped me take what I had previously learned, and we 10x'ed the results.

I was initially a little nervous because I serve a community of women who have been through some pretty big health challenges such as cancer and autoimmune disease. And I wanted a fun and vibrant quiz to match my personality and brand and to get them excited about gratitude, especially for that first interaction with me, but also be in a place where the quiz is respectful of the challenges and trauma that they have been through.

With Linda's guidance, we perfected that balance and it was a home run. As a result of working with her and her program, I've been averaging 600-700 leads a month with my new quiz. That's over 20 leads a day. Consistently.

The best part is that instead of offering a generic pdf as an opt-in, after they take the quiz, they immediately go to a customized landing page with resources on gratitude that is specific to their personality and they are able to get an immediate win. 

That's powerful. It's not about the numbers.

It's about using this quiz and attracting the right people to your community and being able to serve them beginning at the top of your funnel.

That's the power of a quiz with Linda!


—Holly Bertone, PMP, CNHP & Gratitude Coach

 "With Linda’s expertise, I was able to generate 20K in course sales in my first month AND reach my dream clients!"

Linda is a marketing genius! She saw the vision for the course I was creating long before it was even finished. I provided her with a brief overview of the course I was creating and the students I wanted to serve. 

She took my ideas and helped me create the perfect quiz to attract my ideal students. With her expertise, I was able to generate $20K in course sales in my first month and reach my dream clients!


—Dr. Ashly Locklin, Business Coach

"Linda is more than a Quiz Queen. Her high-touch program Quiz Lab blew past all my already high expectations."

"Not only did I walk out with an amazing quiz, but I also have a welcome sequence that gets me excited to share, and results pages that feel will resonate with my ideal audience.

I wouldn't have been able to do this without Linda. The bonuses she offers are unreal. They can't be beaten. And it's amazing to see her run a program with such integrity, heart, and care. She gives every student all she has, and I feel like coming out of Quiz Lab like a transformed entrepreneur. She doesn't even realize she is a mentor to all the students as she is offering her program, which is really special.

I would take this program over and over again if it meant I could be coached by Linda on the daily.


—Danielle Theodoropoulos, Math Tutor



But if you’re still here, it’s likely because you want to actually deliver *value* to your customers and go against the grain (*ahem* PDF downloads)…
… And you understand that a quiz is SO much more than a lead magnet.

To be honest—a quiz has the potential to, well, change your LIFE.

Stay with me here…

Wanna know the last time I actually had the space in my calendar to…:

  • Create consistent revenue
  • Go on a spontaneous hike —on a weekday
  • Walk my dog (without my phone!)


Yep! And I did it all amidst serving clients, organizing online events and playing chaperone on my kids’ school trip to the zoo for the day.

Quizzes truly provide you with the opportunity to introduce more ease, flexibility and recurring income without breaking a sweat.

When you have an intentional and intelligent funnel doing the work to grow subscribers, nurture leads and sell offers for you in the background, you can focus on the stuff that matters most, like: 

  • Building a life that lets you take Fridays off, guilt-free.

  • Creating balance to work on other parts of your business, so you can be present with your family.

  • Seeing a calendar booked with new work, with space to have lunch with your kids (or doggos!) 

So if you want to find a way to attract excited and hungry people to become your student, join your membership, or jump on your high ticket offer—

And you've hustled long and hard enough that at this point in your career…. 

Give yourself the gift of a focused container to hop off the list-growing, hamster wheel, put that baby on autopilot, and focus only on the things that bring you joy (and $$).

Because you’re READY to get paid for your years of collective knowledge and experience, a.k.a your premium offers. 

You deserve to monetize your genius with a list packed out with DREAM clients, primed and ready to buy your offer without a 6-week nurture sequence and hours on Instagram every day.

The truth is, at your level of business, every part of your funnel should be premium.

But no one expects you to be the industry, strategy, copy, AND quiz expert—not even Beyoncé has enough hours in the day to figure it all out alone.

When it comes to scaling, it's not a matter of more work—it's about building a proper foundation that meets your audience at the front door.

Bottom line: your business deserves the limelight and as many eyes on it as possible—so YOU can impact as many people as possible. 

Join me inside The Quiz Lab

You’ll get a step-by-step process to help you create a quiz funnel that finally helps your new leads feel instantly seen, heard, and understood!










"I don’t think I’ve finished a course in a long time—if ever

Linda very intentionally laid out Quiz Lab in the right order. It’s structured perfectly and very intuitive. Implementation days happened right when we needed them. I wanted to make sure I submitted my stuff to her copywriters in time so I could get their eyes on it because, as a math professor, I’m not really a writer! I don’t think I’ve finished a course in a long time—if ever.

She’s dedicated to the success of everyone in the program. And she’s the biggest cheerleader you could ask for! Quiz Lab forced me to be way more intentional.

I learned so much more about my audience just from showing up and participating in the program. Now, I have an opt-in that’s fun to share, that I’m proud to share! And that’s resonating much more than my last lead magnet.


—Toyin Alli, Professor at the University of Georgia

In case you’re wondering why The Quiz Lab experience actually WORKS—take it word-for-word from my satisfied members:

"The FIRST program I completed start to finish!"

Linda’s Quiz Lab program was the FIRST program I’ve taken (and mannnn I’ve taken A LOT!!!) that I completed. I’m talking START to FINISH, all within the provided timeframe. And for an ADHDer, that is HUGE. 

I’m known for collecting courses and programs (like people do shoes) and not finishing them. Quiz Lab was different. It was structured and focused enough that I stayed engaged. It was broken down step by step, so there was no confusion about what needed to be tackled each week. 

There was ample time provided to do the work in real-time together. The feedback on our results pages was crucial in building momentum to keep going. Linda’s presence, encouragement, and belief in all of us was unwavering. 

She was there at every turn, holding our hands, making sure we were getting the help we needed and were moving forward, and checking in on us to ensure no one was getting left behind. Her knowledge of personalities and quizzes made the process seem less theoretical and scary. It was CLEAR what the goal was - which was to create a quiz to draw in our ideal humans who were powerfully opting into our worlds and for me, it’s been an incredible experience. 

I have over 300 new humans to my email list, just launched a brand new course that was birthed as a result of getting clear on who I am helping, and have my very first signups rolling in because I LEPT at the chance to work with Linda and join Quiz Lab. I cannot recommend Linda (and Quiz Lab!) more highly - you will not be disappointed!


—Taryn Dickey, ADHD Coach

 "I had just under 500 people take my quiz and convert to a new lead at a 70% rate during the first 7 days of launching my quiz."

I’m FLOORED, and I can use my quiz funnel for LIFE because we truly built it based on my brand and not just one offer only. #longevity baby! 

My quiz helped me understand my audience so much better than I could specifically market to their individual needs. It also warmed them up before my launch and brought in over $65K of revenue for an almost passive BRAND NEW program.


—Meg Yelaney, #prettyawkward entrepreneur

Maybe by now, you're all in and you're ready to build a quiz, but you’re *still* left wondering:

“How do I actually CONVERT all the new subscribers that I’m gonna gain with my quiz? What happens next, Linda??”

After my first failed lead magnet (a 5-Day Earth Day Challenge that I launched a week late due to technical insanity 🤦‍♀️), that was the number one question I had on my mind, too!

Lucky for you… I make sure you’re all set up with a winning follow-up email sequence inside The Quiz Lab.

If the only email strategy you’ve had so far is to "throw spaghetti at the wall, see if it sticks, make some money...maybe...someday...hopefully.")

After joining The Quiz Lab, you’ll build a quiz using my proprietary quiz quadrant strategy and follow it up with a 5-Part Profitable Welcome Series that gives you: 
  • Hours back every week to create better services, improve the ones you already have, and work towards those goals that have been sitting on the "Someday" card in your Trello board for the last year.
(Since you asked, I did the math for you… This system will save you about 50+ hours Googling and an estimated $2,500 in VA costs.)
  • An opportunity to have a business built for sustainability and longevity with a strong foundation that works 24/7, so you don't have to.
  • A chance for you to simplify, streamline and feel pumped about your next launch, so you’re not scrambling at the last minute wondering, “Why aren’t people buying???”
  • Tons of visibility because people love your quiz so much they’re sharing it on social media left and right (and I’ll help you understand how to promote your quiz, get more eyes on it and generate new angles!) 
  • Copy you're proud of, that's professional and fun, so when people take your quiz, they hit reply and tell you how you nailed their personality and ask how to work with you.

 "With the quiz as a lead magnet, my email list has more than quadrupled in just SIX months and has been steadily bringing in 100 email subscribers a week consistently."

As a result, I was able to launch my 8-week book writing program with a 7.5% opt-in rate and had a $20K launch.   

One quiz taker told me as soon as she got onto my Masterclass, she had her credit card out and was ready to buy whatever my offer was, and she didn't know how much it cost yet. Thank you, Linda, for helping me create an irresistible quiz to attract my dream clients.” 


—Dr. Cindy Childress, The Expert's Ghostwriter

Are you ready to see major list growth and set up your funnel to scale
(a fancy marketing word for "make a lot of money fast with little effort")?

Let’s do it!


Join The Quiz Lab today
and snag one of the limited 25 spots inside:










Got questions?

I’ve got the answers!

Looks great, sign me up!

You're ready to explode your list with a personality quiz if you’re…

  1. Ready to create one power-packed lead gen tool and attract clients ready to buy your thing.

  2. Tired of your current freebie s-l-o-w-l-y bringing in 5 new subscribers a month, and you want a more efficient and impactful way to grow your list (so you can finally start focusing on all of the other goals you set this year).

  3. Passionate. You know what you want. You're not here to play around—this isn't a hobby. You came to put your name on the map, and you're ready to go all out with the most relevant and up-to-date strategy. 

  4. Convinced success leaves clues (there’s a reason why Amy Porterfield, Jenna Kutcher, and Dallas Travers all use quizzes as a strategy to grow their email lists!).

  5. Determined. You want 2023 to be your most successful and profitable year yet—and you’re ready to take action-packed steps to get there.  


Feels good! Let’s grow my list & revenue with a quiz!
By now, you've already figured out that creating a personality quiz comes down to strategically connecting it to your offer, accurately nailing the quiz taker's personality, and intentionally warming them up for your irresistible offer…


But if you're still reading (you go-getter, you)... Grab a bevvy and let’s get cozy.

I’m already in that headspace because as I’m writing this, I’m tucked away at my favorite resort retreat, Suncadia in full fluffy bathrobe mode

I’m the kind of resort-er that gets here early, drinks copious amounts of cucumber and lemon water while I wait for a massage and takes luxuriously looong showers after I jump in the hot tub. 

You bet that I’m *also* the type to order room service with a crackling fire as my soundtrack, and choose a waterfront view to fall asleep to. 

(The river nestled between the evergreens here? A dream.) 

And tomorrow, I’ll probably wake up to do a solo hike and order a steaming cup of coffee with an eggs benny to fuel me up for a solid sprint to do some *deep* work in my business.

Shy of just stoking some vacay and hydration envy–

Spoiler alert: this is actually a work-cation… Because I believe that pleasure and work can co-exist. And when it comes to the world of quiz funnels, staying on top of my game means carving out dedicated space to go all in and do focused work. All this to say… 

… If you want your business and list-building efforts to feel like a retreat too, that’s what you’ll get inside The Quiz Lab experience.

(I can’t promise room service, but I *can* guarantee a delightful gift from Seattle shipped directly to your doorstep to celebrate you once you’ve created your quiz!

Just like this weekend, I’m taking time just for my CEO self to focus on building more for folks like YOU—know that stepping into The Quiz Lab means you’re carving out space to play, experiment and implement as well.

This is for you IF you are the kind of person that wants to get the most out of every experience (including sipping all the lemon water), too.

But unlike my work-cations, rest assured that you won’t have to hike solo. 

If you’re ready to lead yourself—and your audience—through an intentional, nurturing journey… 


I can't wait to hand you my map to success and walk this trail to create your personality quiz, together!

"Linda's quiz framework delivers much more than just a lead magnet!"

"Before going through the Quiz Lab program, I thought I had a strong brand and was attracting my ideal audience. But I still needed to nail it! 

Thanks to Linda's support in the program, I could hone my entire brand identity and messaging and create a quiz (and all of the elements that go along with my quiz) that really speaks to my ideal audience and lets my personality shine. 

Now I have a strong entry point for people to start their client journey with me, and it's really propelling my business forward and opening new opportunities for me that I couldn't have imagined."


—Kristin Lawton, Owner, District Brand Bar

"Her relationship-based marketing approach has changed how I do business."

"I'm pushing myself to get braver and make personal connections with the people in the business based on the human-to-human marketing approach that Linda teaches in her program—so important not to forget that piece in this online space! I doubled my prices after going through Quiz Lab. Linda's strategic and engaging marketing approach changed everything."


—Jess Brooks, UX Launch Copywriter

"Linda's Quiz Lab gives you SO much more than you even knew you needed - and it's done in a realistic, supportive, clear way. If you're confused or behind, she's got your back!."

"Not gonna lie: there are a LOT of moving parts when creating a quiz. It's NOT just about asking 5 questions and getting someone to hop onto your email list. There are things about creating an excellent, high-converting, useful quiz that you have NOT even thought of...

But Linda Sidhu HAS. And she takes you through all the HOWs step-by-step. You don't have to worry that she's holding something back from you or that you'll miss a thing. You do not want to create a quiz on your own: a quiz is a long-term investment in your business.

It'll work for your business FOR YEARS - Put in the effort & investment now and watch how it pays off for you in the long term.

I HIGHLY recommend you get into Linda's world if creating a quiz to grow your audience is on your list of priorities this year!


—Jen Liddy, Copy & Content Strategist

"Quiz Lab is one of the best courses I’ve ever taken (believe me, I’ve taken a lot!)"

"Not only is Linda a joy to interact with — she’s upbeat, encouraging, and super knowledgeable — she’s also put together an amazingly complete and thorough course. I loved every minute of it! 

From the step-by-step instructions on building a fun and interactive personality quiz to help us design one that suits our personalities to providing us with the right kinds of support and encouragement along the way, Linda’s step-by-step process takes all the overwhelm out of creating a quiz.

If you follow her guidance, your quiz will be done before you know it! I would highly, highly recommend it to anyone wanting to create a top-notch quiz from scratch! 

I can’t thank you enough, Linda, for helping me reach my goal and find clarity along the way!"


— Kerry Hanna, Women’s Empowerment Coach

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