$197.00 USD

The Magic Match™

Access my proven framework to build *and* maintain long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships — so you can create fruitful collaborations, increase your sales, and set your business up for repeatable success.

The Magic Match™ draws on my years of experience as a “super connector” and running a six-figure business *without* running ads or being active on social media.

Your access includes:


Inside this 60-minute video workshop, you will:

  • Discover the POWER of strategic networking that 7-figure entrepreneurs use to increase their net worth.

  • Learn top strategies for establishing the *right* partnerships for your business, enabling you to prioritize collaborations more effectively.

  • Access my 3-part framework to help you leverage your strengths, prioritize your ideal clients, and form fruitful collaborations with your Magic Matches.



  • Unlock the power of building meaningful connections and cultivating long-lasting, mutually beneficial business relationships with my cutting-edge database!

  • Find out how to bring heart and soul into your relationships by remembering "the little things" - with an automated system that ensures you're constantly nurturing your relationships.


Paired together, you’ll have *everything* you need to:


 Find your Magic Match partners in your industry (there are three types of people who are perfect partners — I’ll show you how to find them!)
 Lean into your unique strengths and personality to understand where you’re stretching yourself and how you can make collaborations easier.
 Keep track of your business relationships in an easy way that constantly makes them feel special (and puts you top of mind).
 Understand exactly who you’re partnering with and ensure your collaboration continues to have a ripple effect.


“Linda is an absolute master of her craft. Linda's background, deep understanding of personality types, and collaborative approach are unparalleled. 

Having been in business for five years, I can confidently say she's one of the most considerate people I've had the pleasure of working with. 

Linda's impact is immeasurable, and I'm incredibly grateful for our collaborations.”

Ellen Yin, Founder & Podcast Host of Cubicle to CEO


Linda is a super connector like no other.

“If you want a relentless cheerleader, advocate for your business and super connector in your corner, look no further than Linda Sidhu. Not only is she incredibly gifted at putting the right people in the right room, but she’s also beyond generous with her referrals, sharing opportunities to take your business to the next level and shine a light on it. 

Because of The MixerMind™, I secured incredible podcast guest opportunities, invites to events where I met dream collaborators, and new connections I know I’ll be in touch with forever. If you get the chance to be in Linda’s orbit, jump!”

—Zafira Rajan